Con Privilegios en Manila por el Governador General,

Para su propio gozo.


Muy ilustre y docto señor,

Ante vuestra solicitud, intentaré como pudiera, escribiros los sucesos y ocurrencias de mi vida cotidiana, con este pobre manexo de nuestro paladino román. Habiendo dicho tal impedimento mío, con claras intenciones he de contaros verdades, que he visto desde el primer día de negocio hasta el comienzo del descanso. Desta manera, en mente mi intención honesta habréis.

Aunque para muchos no es tal deleite, asegurad, ilustrísimo, de mi buena voluntad y honra, que…

Bayonetta as she appears on Bayonetta 1, image taken from: https://www.gamespew.com/2017/12/nintendo-switch-getting-bayonetta-1-2-3/

The Bayonetta series has gained popularity since its debut in 2009. However, many SJWs criticized the game for being “fan service”. In fact, in a lot of ways, it is empowering women, from its design, its narrative and overall character development. …

Mr. Jorge Mojarro Romero’s tweet. “I use extraordinarilly sophisticated techniques to prevent my filipino students from speaking English in Spanish class.” Mojarro Romero, J. [@mojarromero](Nov. 13, 2020). Uso técnicas extraordinariamente sofisticadas para impedir que mis alumnos filipinos de español usen inglés en clase. [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/Mojarromero/status/1327075932402663424/photo/1

In my last article I have shown three examples of language discrimination inside the classroom. One of these cases was a clear example of language shaming and it was clear to my conscience that we need to pay attention, however it may be expressed in seriousness or in jest. As a Philology student, I was really appalled by the message shown in the image and, it seemed to me that the professor who used the so-called “sophisticated technique” was proud of it, without thinking about the damaging consequences.

Last February 26, I sent an email to Instituto Cervantes, the institution…

Image from https://www.communicaid.com/business-language-courses/blog/tips-for-learning-a-foreign-language-outside-the-training-room/

As a foreigner learning the Spanish language, I have had my own experiences with linguistic discrimination, from seemingly innocent remarks, to downright discriminating other varieties of a certain language, by deeming them “vulgar” or “of bad taste”. With this said, the intention of this article is not to shame my past teacher(s), but rather, enlighten the reader the consequences of linguistic discrimination.

But before anything else, what is linguistic discrimination? Linguistic discrimination is a distinct treatment based on the language or dialect being used, a good example is when Tagalog speakers mock Cebuano speakers for their accent, or when European…

Map of the Official Languages in the World https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Official_language

In line with my previous article on Nationalism, I would like to explain how adopting nationalist motivated Language Policy destroys cultures and societies. For this article, I will use the Language Policy of the Philippines, as I am most familiar with it than any other model, pinpoint its problems and offer a better policy.

But before discussing the Language Policy of the Philippines, I would like to define what is Language Policy? To put it simply, it is a discipline under Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, that deals with studying the dialect continuum, officialization and standardization of a language in a…

Flag of the Katipunan in 1897. Source: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katipunan

Before I start this essay, I would like to make a disclaimer to all my readers, that I will be writing in the socio-cultural context of the Philippines, my birth country, and of Spain, my adopted country and my current residence, as my references.

This topic may cause a stir within the aforementioned communities, as it is not easy to admit bad habits nor rectify them. However, it is a constant process of reflection: first on the part of the intellectuals, then on the part of the collective. …

Facsimile de la primera edición de Don Quijote. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quijote_de_la_Mancha

Habiendo leído la obra con máximo interés, me ha llevado con máxima contemplación a proponer un estudio sobre los nombres onomasiológicos de los personajes cervantinos dentro de la obra Don Quijote de la Mancha. Para realizar este estudio no es suficiente leer la obra de pasada, sino leer los detalles de los capítulos que mejor definen aquellos personajes. Dicho esto, he de pensar en una metodología adecuada para su elaboración.

La metodología utilizada para este proyecto es la empírica porque primero, he de coger datos concretos encontrados en la obra — en este caso en concreto, los nombres de los…

Michelangelo’s David, though a biblical figure, the statue boast the style of Ancient Greece and Rome.Image from: https://www.viator.com/tours/Florence/Michelangelos-David-Tour/d519-6144P9

At this time and age, more and more people are now inclined to take up courses to prepare them to land a stable career. To put it simply, our generation considers that the career they choose today, should land them a job that pays a stable income and provides food on their table and roofs over their heads. As someone taking up a course in one of the humanistic disciplines, Spanish Philology, I have well pondered the slim chances of opportunities available outside of teaching and the dreadful hours in a cubicle, taking up calls and tirelessly trying to listen…


Cualquier investigación, ya sea un artículo de una bitácora o un artículo de una revista, requiere un carácter académico científico, es decir, las ideas planteadas tienen que estar apoyadas por una base teórica y cuyo proceso esté sujeto a una metodología científica. Sin embargo, a pesar de la información disponible en la red, tenemos información que no tiene ningún rigor científico académico y lo peor de todo, es que el público las toma como un hecho irrefutable. …

Jervi Gabriel Eugenio López

Soy un escritor y poeta filipino afincado en España. Estudiante de la UR

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